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By Jim Smith, CSCS

You’re frustrated...and I know exactly how you feel. You spend endless hours in the gym, doing tons of exercises to exhaustion and you never make progress. You always feel burned out and are sick and tired of never gaining muscle. You’re busting your ass with little if anything to show for it and it’s driving you crazy. The reason is simple:

The Good news is that I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that have kept you from adding slabs of lean muscle and melting away that stubborn fat. Here are the results to prove it.


High School Wrestler Builds an Amazing 16 lbs
of Muscle in 16 Weeks AND HE'S STILL GROWING!

Mike, wrestler

As you can see from Mike’s amazing transformation, not ONLY did he gain a HUGE amount of muscle, he dramatically improved his posture! He was wrecking guys during the season and had a break out year. We had many setups during his training like rehabbing a shoulder and forearm injury and we used the strategies in the AMD AER manual and integrated them into the AMD system to quickly help Mike get back to wrestling.

Insane 9lbs of Muscle in Only 8 Weeks!

Bill, ripped, muscle

"I lead an active lifestyle, I'm in the Army, I have a wife and an 18 month daughter. I was looking for a program to cut my time down in the gym. The AMD program...has totally changed the way I work out. 30 minutes in the gym and you're out!"

Bill Long
Busy Dad

Professional MMA Fighter and The Ultimate Fighter 8
Contestant Prepared for His Winning Fight with AMD

Tom Lawlor, professional MMA fighter"As a MA student in Sports & Fitness, I am a huge fan of anything related to Strength & Conditioning. Additionally, I have been a huge fan of the website. I immediately reached out to Smitty for help in organizing my workouts for what I knew would be the biggest fight of my life."

"Come fight time, I felt stronger and fresher than I have for any of my past fights and was able to impose my will on an opponent who was 4 inches taller, and at least 15 lbs heavier come fight time. There are a lot of people who have helped me get to the level of competition that I am at today (the UFC), and Jim Smith is among those people. I will undoubtedly be looking to keep "Smitty" on my staff of coaches as I continue in the sport of mixed martial arts."

Jim's Note: Tom's program was built on the AMD 2.0 foundation and everything was setup according to the AMD 2.0 template

Tom Lawlor
The Jungle MMA & Fitness

Jim 'Smitty' SmithMy name is Jim Smith and I am a strength coach, lecturer and author of numerous innovative strength manuals and DVD's.

Why should you listen to me? I have trained elite athletes from virtually every sport. I am an expert author for Men’s Fitness and a member of the Elite Fitness Expert Q&A staff. I am also Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

True StoryI know what it is like to be the small guy. Trust me. When I was a sophomore in high school I wrestled at 98 lbs at a height of 5’10”! I rarely trained except for some bodyweight exercises for wrestling and had no idea what to do. As I progressed through high school, I grew to an ‘impressive’ 6’0 and 125 lbs during my senior year.

In college, I started getting serious with weight training and I remember going down into the weight room and watching these guys throwing up 70 lb dumbbells on the incline bench and thinking to myself, “One day I’ll be able to lift those!” Unfortunately, at the time, I was struggling with the 30 lb dumbbells. I kept struggling along with no direction and finished college at a weak 160 lbs.

Determined to get big and strong, I started reading everything I could get my hands on, from Iron Man, Flex and Men’s Health magazines to those old Charles Atlas “kick sand in your face” home courses. I gained a little more weight over the next couple years trying every routine I could find, but they all left me feeling beat down, irritable and made me hate going to the gym.

Not until I got certified as a strength coach in 2001 did I finally discover the truth about how muscle and strength were built. Not with endless sets of smith machine squats, concentration curls and other gimmicky exercises and programs that the ‘experts’ were teaching in the magazines, but instead with programs designed around big, compound exercises, free weights put together in a specific SYSTEM.

Once I discovered the truth I dove in head first. I reached my bodyweight goal of 225lbs. I studied every book and bit of research I could get my hands on. I met with the real experts when it came to building size & strength. I attended every conference I could…all in a quest to be able to develop the most comprehensive program ever offered specifically designed to build muscle, get stronger, avoid plateaus while also improve your posture and overall movement.

Over this span I’ve written for the most popular muscle building websites and magazines in the world. I’ve created strength manuals purchased by fitness enthusiasts and coaches from over 67 countries and all 50 states and personally trained elite athletes in almost every sport.

And now I’m finally ready to offer the most complete, powerful size & strength building program ever developed...

With the Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 System, I have eliminated ALL of the guess work so you don’t have to make the mistakes that I and thousands of others have made trying to build muscle, cut fat and get strong. I’ve provided a step-by-step system, with an easy to follow template. This proven system will accelerate your muscle gains - in fact you will see massive results in as little as 12 weeks.

In fact, this is what you can expect with Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0...

As Seen in Men's Fitness

 Build More Muscle Mass – finally the right exercises done at the right intensity and in the right sequence. A no hassle, easy to follow, step-by-step system.

 Improve Your Posture – and help you counter all of the negative effects from the day like sitting in front of the computer or on the couch for hours. You can’t just go into the gym after work without warming up and activating the proper muscles and mobilizing the right joints.

 Incorporate Shorter Workouts – get in and get out of the gym in record time with short, intense workouts! Get back to your life and stop spending endless hours of wasted time away from your family.

 Build a Rock Solid Core – and you will prevent injuries, create stability and perform on the field and kill it in the weight room while reducing your chance of getting injured.

 Increase Your Confidence – when you achieve your goals it will allow you to continue to make new goals and achieve them as well. There is no greater feeling in the world than               finally hitting that big squat or deadlift or taking off your shirt               and being ripped.

The Accelerated Muscular Development System has been helping guys reach their size & strength goals for over two years. High school athletes, professional MMA fighters, busy dads…guys from all walks of life building muscle & getting strong using short, effective AMD training sessions.



Machine BruceMachine Bruce“Amazing book, very well put together, very inventive and original. Some of those things I have never seen. It is a Cut-Above!!! Top notch. I think it is incredible! THANK YOU!”

Machine "The Machine" Bruce
Performing two exercises from Power Core

"Instantly Noticed a Significant Increase on All My Lifts"

Kyle MathewsKyle Mathews"Look no further for a comprehensive training manual. Smitty has developed the most hardcore, no bullshit, core training program you'll find. Forget everything you know about training and read this book. When I started using just the exercises from the Power Core Manual, I almost instantly noticed a significant increase on all of my big lifts, especially deadlifts and squats. And that is just one manual in the full AMD 2.0 system! Not only has it taken my strength to the next level, it's fun. I absolutely hate traditional training. It's boring and totally unsatisfying. AMD 2.0 brings a new variety into the game that not only pushes me to the max, but it gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction too. The exercises are insanely effective to say the least. Thanks Smitty!"

Kyle Mathews
Performing two exercises from Power Core

"I became the strongest I had ever became!"

Adam LocklinWell here is my best summary of AMD/AMD AER manuals and my experience with this program. First off I am a Marine (7 years now) and getting my strength goals is hard to fit into my already packed fitness schedule.

Smitty introduced me to AMD when I was deployed in 2009, for the next 6 months (which has turned into a year and half of AMD total to date). I became the strongest I had ever became. The amount of knowledge I learned about muscle strength and conditioning was amazing, it made me go and research more about what I was doing to my body. The AMD program will tax you in a way that cross-fitters feel but with the strength that I was looking for. Coming from a endurance background and looking to get my strength back it was amazing! A year and half ago I had a fraction of my current stats of a 365lbs squat, 500lbs deadlift and a 265lbs bench. I am now eating healthy since I am not deployed and weigh 194lbs at 6 1, and only see my growth continuing. I remember people asking me and looking at me crazy when I would knock out 12 chinups with 45lbs then do incline 70lbs DB bench press for non-stop for 5 minutes. The feeling you get is amazing after a couple weeks of AMD. But we all can lift weights and get strong right....well Smitty's program AMD AER manual and his posts on Diesel Crew are, the Injury Prevention Medicine we all should be listening too!!! I foam roll every time and do a functional warm up and cool down, stretch and have not had an injury in the over 2 plus years I have been following Smittys posts. What is being strong if you are hurt all the time. Overall AMD has gotten me strong but AMD AER manual and Smitty have kept me healthy.

Adam Locklin

"I Am Now Pain Free!"

"When the MD's, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Message Therapists all told me what was broken, they gave no solutions. After 5 years of shoulder pain, I am now pain free and able to return to normal activities. Your advice and AMD 2.0 program is worth 50 times the price I paid!"

Patrick Lynch

"... get results without spending hours in the gym..."

"I would just like to say thank you for producing a great program with AMD. I am starting my 12th week at this point, and I am really liking so many aspects of the program. It teaches how to structure a program so that you get results without spending hours in the gym at a time. It’s not a 'shortcut', it’s the real deal - working out hard and doing it smart. I feel it and see it. Also, the way that it teaches techniques to stay healthy and reduce the risk for injuries, and how to rehab areas that need it - all that is phenomenal. As if that wasn’t enough, Jim Smith is just great at answering questions and he obviously cares that people who use this program get results."

"I completed PXXX prior to starting AMD There was no way that I was going to stick with a program that demanded more than 7 hours a week of exercise. AMD is training smart, and getting me maximum results."

All the best,

"This routine is off the hook!"

"The routine is time effective as well. The focus on the warm up and the stretches, as well as the cool down, helped to keep me injury free and feeling awesome. The routine itself is off the hook."


The complete, breakthrough Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 System is an all encompassing system that provides proven, time-tested workout templates and comprehensive exercise index for building slabs of muscle in the SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE.

AMD Power Core gives you the torso strengthening power to execute on the field or in the weight room. And finally, AMD Essential Recovery will improve your posture, allow you to move better and decrease potential injuries.

Honestly, I couldn't take it anymore. The internet is filled with empty promises and so called "gurus" who are just here to rip you off and never deliver on their outlandish claims.

I have read, studied and seen most of the products available for building muscle and increasing your strength levels…and to be quite honest, they suck. They have tons of filler and are from "trainers" who have never trained anyone and can barely train themselves.

Their websites are full of fluff and you never see a video of them getting under the weight. If you barely train yourself, how can you show other people how to train? How can you inspire people? I would never ask you to do anything I haven’t already tested and done with outstanding results.

I created this system to help you hit the ground running and make the quickest, safest and most explosive gains you have ever experienced. There is no fluff, just a straight to the point, easy-to-follow program.

Accelerated Muscular Development

The Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 System

Accelerated Muscular DevelopmentThe Definitive Guide to Explosive Muscle Growth

This is the manual that lays out the strategy for quickly adding lean muscle and developing strength. It pulls together AMD Power Core and AMD Essential Recovery into one all encompassing system. This manual uses a straight forward, template-driven method of explaining complex ideas in an easy to understand system. It also has 24 weeks worth of workouts!

Here is small sample of what you will discover inside...

  • Simple diagrams and explanations on how to create explosive muscle growth by using your bodies' natural growth hormone response AND how to maximize this muscle building effect.
  • How to minimize the negative effects of cortisol and why this is ESSENTIAL for maintaining lean muscle mass.
  • How to develop a comprehensive muscle building strategy and what are the MUST HAVE FACTORS.
  • Powerful, results-driven templates that provide the how, what and why certain training volumes, intensities and rest periods create explosive results.
  • Revealing the one secret that the "gurus" don’t want you to know about gaining muscle, getting stronger and getting ripped.
  • Accurately track your progress with printable workout sheets.
  • All the guess work is GONE, all you have to do is bring the determination because AMD leaves no stone unturned!
  • What is involved in a thorough warm-up and why it is ESSENTIAL FOR AN EFFECTIVE WORKOUT.
  • This well-organized manual will help you exceed your goals unbelievably fast.
  • And much more...

The powerful AMD 2.0 Workout Programs will take out all your guess work and help anyone get excited about going to the gym again. Structured, step-by-step workouts makes it so simple to get results, just print out whichever program fits your goals and head to the gym. It is that simple. Each 12 week program utilizes the patented AMD 2.0 template and no stone is left unturned.

Accelerated Muscular Development Workout Programs

The Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 Workout Programs

Accelerated Muscular Development WorkoutsTwo Powerful 12 Week Programs for Explosive Results

In the AMD 2.0 system I provided you with two very unique 12 week programs. The Build Muscle / Lose Fat (BM/LF) program is perfect for those lifters who haven't been in the gym for a while and need to jump start their workouts. It will give you structure, focus and create balance in your training while helping to accelerate your metabolism for fast results. The second program is a 12 week killer set of workouts for those lifters who have been in the gym consistently and have reached a plateau or are currently pushing through an injury. The Build Muscle / Build Strength (BM/BS) program will help to elminate weaknesses and rehab any injuries you might have. It will also help you bust out some new personal records (PR's) if you been stuck on your bench, squat or deadlift. Whatever your goals are, the AMD 2.0 system has something for you.

Here is small sample of what you will discover inside...

  • Fast effective workouts that get you in and out of the gym FAST. Stop spending useless hours in the gym and not seeing results. Get in and out and back to your life!
  • See the must-do pre-workout routines that make all the difference in how great the workout is and how great you feel the other 23 hours you spend outside of the gym.
  • Find out how quick 10-15 fat loss routines can be added to the program to accelerate fat loss and get you conditioned for those weekend pick up games with your friends.
  • Powerful, results-driven workout templates that provide the exact sets, reps and exercises to cut your time in the gym by at least 25%! No more guess work!
  • Find out how simple bodyweight movements can have such a HUGE impact on your training and how they will DRAMATICALLY increase your weights for the bench, squat and deadlift.
  • Accurately track your progress with printable workout sheets.
  • And much more...

The AMD Power Core manual lays the foundation and provides the essential concepts of what is the "core" musculature and how strengthening the muscles that support and engage movements of the torso will help you to become stronger, faster and injury free. This manual provides a three level exercise index that will challenge you every step of the way. As you get stronger, you can utilize exercises at the higher levels to accelerate your gains to the highest level.

Power Core Master Manual

AMD Power Core Manual

Power Core Master ManualAdvanced Torso Training for Explosive Strength and Power

AMD Power Core is the essential core training reference providing an easy to read, step-by-step method for developing the rock solid core you’ve always wanted. This key reference is jam packed with the most innovative, never-before-seen arsenal of abdominal strength training exercises ever created. There is no fluff, no BS - just all content. Whether you are an athlete or want to train like an athlete at the highest level, AMD Power Core will help you to achieve elite strength levels.

Here is small sample of what you will discover inside...

  • Why the fitness industry is completely WRONG and how traditional core training methods will actually make you weaker and lead to one injury after another.
  • How to develop incredible rotational strength required to excel at all of your sporting endeavors.
  • A brutally effective sandbag exercise that incinerates body-fat like nothing you have ever seen.
  • How one simple change to a commonly performed exercise can triple your core stability, leading to huge gains in strength and power.
  • The #1 reason why people fail to see significant improvements from their ab training efforts and how to avoid this dreaded scenario.
  • Strengthen your abs while simultaneously training your…biceps?! Find out how in this innovative manual.
  • How a simple tool that you have in you own garage can simultaneously develop explosive power and relentless endurance.
  • Develop aggressive speed and unrelenting explosiveness with my never before seen secret kettlebell exercise.
  • Instantly improve your posture and quality of life by eliminating back pain with this incredibly unique exercise.
  • The importance of the posterior chain and how to rapidly develop these muscles and turn yourself into an immovable, unstoppable force.
  • Don’t waste another second or risk serious injury with ineffective abdominal exercises. Learn the important criteria that all ab training movements must meet.
  • How to smash personal records and hit big weights on every lift.
  • Why I decided to shatter the myths and bring you the inside truth about how the body works against the "imposed demands" of any sport or workout.
  • How to identify and instantly eliminate your weak links; thus greatly enhancing your chance of victory and total domination.
  • Develop the confidence needed to dominate any sport and outperform anyone who stands in your way.
  • Save time and money with dozens of unique exercises that require nothing more than a few simple household tools and a little creativity.
  • How one simple twist can turn a regular pressing exercise into an ab crushing killer.
  • Never again be humiliated by a stronger adversary on the field of play or in the weight room, when you learn my secret methods for developing mind blowing, explosive strength and power.
  • And much more...

While packing on muscle with the short, yet effective workouts in Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 manual, you will stay healthy, strong and move freer than ever before by incorporating the methods in the AMD Essential Recovery manual.

AMD Essential Recovery

AMD Essential Recovery Manual

Accelerated Corrective StrategiesThe Definitive 3 Step Guide to Easing Back Pain and Improving Posture

This is the final piece of the AMD System. This 3 step proven method of re-establishing better posture will allow you to lift injury free and with the maximum strength potential possible. Each movement is demonstrated in a step-wise sequence for ease-of-use.

Here is small sample of what you will discover inside...

  • Which specific mobility exercises help to eliminate compensations at the hip and upper back, and WHY this is important.
  • Find out how a simple elastic band can have an immediate positive effect on reducing your back pain!
  • Revealing the essential foam roller exercises that EVERYONE should be doing, if you want to move better NOW.
  • Find out why you have scar tissue and why it could be causing you pain EVERYDAY.
  • If you’ve been doing exercises with bad form for years, it is vital that you immediately take action and fix what these destructive patterns are doing to your hips, breathing and posture.
  • This powerful manual will teach why it is so important to incorporated a comprehensive warm-up prior to any physical activity. It will make you feel better, move better and eliminate imbalances!
  • And much more…

Want more proof that this muscle building system can provide amazing results, check out these testimonials from many FITNESS INDUSTRY LEADERS! These elite strength coaches, personal trainers and performance enhancement specialists have trained thousands of athletes and average people and helped them reach THEIR PERSONAL GOALS. They know what works!


Robert Dos Remedios, CSCS, SCCC
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
California State University

Mike Robertson"AMD 2.0 is a no-frills, and no-nonsense, approach to gaining muscle and shedding body fat. While many gurus are quick to spout off about secrets, tips and tricks, Smitty gives you a straight-forward approach that is virtually guaranteed to help you get results."

"Most importantly, AMD has extensive sections on keeping you healthy throughout the training process. While it may sound simple, this is an often undervalued component of training. Quite simply, you can’t make any progress if you’re constantly hampered by injuries."

"Don’t let its simplicity fool you - AMD 2.0 is the real deal."

"For AMD Power Core, Smitty takes all the basic principles that should be adhered to with core training, and finds about a million and one cool ways to do it. In all reality, Smitty has more creativity in the nail bed of his pinky finger than I do in my entire body."

"If you want to kick your core training up a notch, definitely pick up a copy of AMD Power Core. I promise you won't be disappointed!"

Mike Robertson, M.S., C.S.C.S., U.S.A.W.
President, Robertson Training Systems
Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training

Eric Cressey"Jim Smith's Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 is an incredibly comprehensive resource that deserves every bit of praise it receives. Jim not only tells you the "what," but also the "why," "how," and "when." I particularly like its versatility; he provides a lot of exercise variety for those with equipment limitations. Whether you train at home or at a gym, it can help get you to where you want to be."

"AMD Power Core is an exhaustive resource on high-performance core training that I’d encourage you to check out as well. To say that I was impressed would be the understatement of the year. It’s the best “core training” program out there."

Eric Cressey
Renowned Author and Performance Enhancement Specialist

King Hoover "Smitty- I just finished reading my own copy of Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 and I just want to say - you have done it again! Almost every other training manual I’ve bought is either 'light' on theory, 'thin' on explanation or 'weak' on application and AMD is anything but. I must say, in my 30 years of coaching I’ve never seen anything like AMD and its bonuses available before. The Accelerated Corrective Strategies manual is worth the price of the entire program alone! I appreciate the time it must have taken to put this program together, it is truly a masterpiece!"

King Hoover
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 161

Joe DeFranco"Jim Smith is one of the most innovative coaches in our industry. His new AMD 2.0 system, represents what Jim is all about - quality, unique material which is backed by science and works in the REAL WORLD! I can’t wait to try some of his exercises with my athletes!"

Joe DeFranco
Owner, DeFranco’s Training Systems, LLC

Jason Ferruggia"When Smitty sent me his new AMD Power Core Manual book I was immediately excited because I knew that coming from him it was going to be good. I had no idea just how good, though. Smitty never does anything half ass and always over delivers. This would prove to be no exception. When I started looking through it I was blown away. This is not something that was slapped together over a weekend like a lot of stuff out there. It's readily obvious that an inordinate amount of hard work went into this and the end result is an incredible product that EVERYONE, not just athletes and coaches, can benefit from. I learned at least two dozen or so new exercises that I can't wait to try and picked up some other invaluable tips along the way. I rarely give a double thumbs up, five star recommendation to fitness books or products but AMD Power Core absolutely KICKS ASS! If you are serious about training, you owe it to yourself to get this book!"

Jason Ferruggia
Professional Fitness Coach
Head Training Adviser, Men's Fitness Magazine

Sean HysonAMD Power Core leaves no stone unturned. You’ll gain strength, power, stability and aesthetic abs to boot. Jim Smith is one of the best program designers in the business, and this plan is a blueprint for exceptional results.”

Sean Hyson, CSCS
Fitness Editor for Men’s Fitness magazine

Rob Pilger"Jim has produced an awesome no fluff ebook that all martial artists truly need for improving striking power, absorbing contact/force better, staying injury free, while performing better longer. All the things you need to keep kicking ass! A lot of athletes really get core training terribly wrong as their training doesn't reflect these vital needs and allow them to reach their full fighting potential. Bottom line... Get this ebook if you're ready to break away from the thick under developed pack and become one of the new elite athletes."

Rob Pilger
CHEK II Practitioner
, USA Boxing Coach II, Pro Boxing Trainer

Ross EnaimatThis program is creative, innovative and most importantly beneficial to those who seek greater strength and power."

"As a long time proponent for true core strength, I can say without hesitation that I was thoroughly impressed by this material.”

Ross Enamait
Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mike Hanley"AMD Power Core is EXCEPTIONAL! Smitty never ceases to amaze me with the products he creates. This book is extremely thorough, well written, brilliantly descriptive and creative. In the 10 plus years in the industry I have not come across a manual as well put together as AMD Power Core. It has everything you need to take your fighting skills to the next level. It is one thing to be skillful at your sport but to be skillful AND explosively strong is a completely different animal. This book will help you get that power you are looking for to be on the top of your game. I strongly encourage any fighter, coach or trainer to give this book a read through if you want more wins under your belt."

Mike Hanley
Owner, Hanley Strength Systems, LLC
Strength Coach

Jim Wendler“As soon as I got AMD Power Core, I did what I always do; skip the first part of the book and get to the meat.  This book is typical of anything that Smitty does - Incredibly informative, well thought out and most importantly; innovative.  Jim Smith is a forward thinker and this book is perfect for any athlete or coach looking for an edge.”

Jim Wendler
Senior Editor

Juliet DeaneAMD Power Core- A product of blood, sweat and the most manliest of tears for the sheer love of the sport!  Just when you think you've got it down, that you have what it takes to train or be trained, Smitty proves there's always something to be learned.  AMD Power Core is a toolbox of information, concepts, drills, training patterns and inspiration.  He not only educates you, but opens your mind and boosts your own creative juices.  I broke a sweat just reading it!”

Juliet Deane
Fitness Competitor and Strength Coach

Todd Hamer“I have read many books on how to train the core or abs and this is by far the most useful. Not only does Smitty show how the core functions but he thoroughly explains how to train the core. That would be good enough then but he gives a ton of great examples. This book is a must have for any weight room!”

Todd Hamer
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Robert Morris University

Alwyn Cosgrove"Smitty has delivered another excellent product. it's relatively easy to create a product that will benefit the general public - it's a LOT tougher to create a product that will benefit a professional in the industry as equally. AMD Power Core delivers on both counts. Don't let the title fool you -- this isn't for fighters - in fact the subtitle - "Advanced Torso Training Strategies for Elite Athletes" is more like it."

"I've been training people for almost two decades. And have been involved in martial arts training for 25 years, but there are exercises here that I've never seen before! (be honest - do you know what a lunge ripper, a guard superman or a band-resisted-double-kettlebell squat is ?)"

"The solid part is that this isn't just a collection of exercises -- it shows progressions, programs, everything. It's literally everything you would ever want to know about hardcore core training."

"I already stole two pages that will be appearing as part of one of my seminars for Perform Better this year!"

Alwyn Cosgrove
World Renowned Strength Coach and Fat Loss Expert
Author of New Rules of Lifting

Don’t live with regret and settle for being ordinary. Average sucks. The opportunities in this muscle building system are LIFE CHANGING.

STOP! Doing the following:

Plus - If you act now, for a limited time only you will not only receive the complete Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 System, but you will also receive these Fast Action Bonuses:

Deadlift Fundamentals ManualFree Bonus #1:
Deadlift 101 Fundamentals Manual:

This massive manual is 200 pages devoted to one of the most important exercises for adding big muscle over the entire body. Not only does this manual discuss all the different techniques for deadlifting, it demonstrates TONS of supplemental exercises that build the strength needed to increase your deadlift AND build your posterior chain. This is not only ESSENTIAL for developing muscle but also improving your posture and movement.

Deadlift Fundamentals VideoFree Bonus #2: Deadlift 101 Fundamentals Instructional Video: A step-by-step video that is a supplement to the Deadlift Fundamentals Manual. This video shows all the techniques real time in the comfort on your own room. Stop, rewind and go over techniques as many times as you want with this instantly downloadable video. The two deadlift bonuses ARE WORTH THE PRICE OF THE ENTIRE PACKAGE ALONE.

Accelerated Fat Loss StrategiesFree Bonus #3: AMD Explosive Fat Loss Manual: The Ultimate High Intensity Training Guide. This innovative manual is the perfect addition to the AMD arsenal. It provides you with the top 5 ways to shred fat off and get the body you've always wanted. And I show you how to easily integrate any one of these techniques right into the AMD program. Stop spending hours on the treadmill and get the body you've always dreamed of. The time to act is NOW!

Insane Upper Body Training Session for Explosive Muscle GrowthFree Bonus #4: AMD Insane Upper Body Srength Training Session: For Explosive Muscular Growth. Watch a real-time AMD workout from start to finish and see for yourself how quickly you can get an effective muscle building workout in 35 minutes or less!

Insane Upper Body Training Session for Explosive Muscle GrowthFree Bonus #5: AMD Insane Lower Body Fat Loss Training Session: For Explosive Muscular Growth. Another short, effective and intense AMD workout focuses on the lower body. You got to watch this video if you are looking to put size on your legs and get a big back!

Premier Youtube Channel for AMDFree Bonus #6: Premier Youtube Channel: This Youtube channel is dedicated to the Accelerated Muscular Development program. To get the most out of the AMD system, I will show you the CORRECT FORM to perform the common and advanced exercises. I will be continuously adding to this channel and it will be an ever-growing video reference for you to check your form and make sure that each exercise is done correctly. When you go into Youtube, it is very hard to find the RIGHT way to do an exercise. You have to search through a ton of junk to find a half-way decent video. Now, there is no more guess-work. Go to the MuscleVIP channel and SUBSCRIBE now and get notified whenever there is an update.

Yes, Jim! Show Me How To Build Muscle Now!

Let me recap everything that you get Instant Access to in the AMD System:

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YES! Jim, I want to be successful NOW and I can't wait to get this innovative training system that will help me build muscle, improve my posture and get a rock solid core, starting TODAY!
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  • Deadlift 101 Fundamentals Video
  • AMD Explosive Fat Loss Manual
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  • Premier Youtube Channel

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Finally, you don't have to be confused anymore! Accelerated Muscular Development will show you how to build muscle and get strong faster than you've EVER IMAGINED. I can't wait to hear about your successes! Send me your testimonials and pictures of you or your athletes using the complete Accelerated Muscular Development System and I’ll add them to the site!

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Your friend and coach,
James Smith

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P.S. The Accelerated Muscular Development System is NOT your typical training system. AMD IS a complete muscle building system that provides a step-by-step template for you to MAKE THE INCREDIBLE GAINS you’ve always dreamed of. Quit wasting time and be SUCCESSFUL NOW. What are you waiting for; remember the bonuses alone far exceed the price for the entire package. Once you purchase the program, print out Accelerated Muscular Development, AMD Power Core and AMD Essential Recovery and put them into a 3-ring binder. Now you have your master manual for explosive muscle building!

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P.P.P.S. If you have any questions or reservations about the program whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

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P.P.P.P.S. Accelerated Muscular Development is NOT your typical bodybuilding routine! It is fun, fast paced and powerful. Act now to take advantage of this incredible offer...

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NOTE: The Accelerated Muscular Development System and all of the bonuses are downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all of the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. Results are not typical and individual results will vary. Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise and/or nutritional program.

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