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By Jim Smith, CSCS

Build Muscle

Build Muscle - Welcome to the Gun Show - Building Massive Arms Quickly
The top 3 essential tips for building massive muscle size and strength. Barbell and dumbbells exercises included in this highly effective article.

Build Muscle - The Essential How To Guide to Getting a Big, Powerful Chest
When adding muscle size on your chest, you have to press from multiple angles and don't forget the rows and rehab components.

Build Muscle - Back Off! A Killer Back Routine to Add Massive Muscle
How to build a massive upper back using pull ups, the right amount of weight, and pulling in the shoulders.

Build Muscle - Quadzilla - Stop Walking on Stilts - Massive Leg Training
How to build insane leg strength using squats and deadlifts, overloading the movements, and focusing on single leg work.

Build Muscle - How to Bench Press Correctly - [WITH VIDEO]
How to use simple key points to increase your bench press and avoid injury.

Build Muscle - Running the Rack for Explosive Muscle Growth
Integrate this innovative technique for explosive muscle gains for any lagging body part.

Build Muscle - Power Training Workouts
Shorten your time in the gym and achieve amazing muscle growth with these high intensity muscle building workouts.

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Lose Fat

Lose Fat - 3 Innovative Conditioning Workouts for Fat Loss
How to use interval training to increase your metabolism and get rid of body fat.

Quick Fat Loss with Strength Training Workouts
Shed fat quickly by using compound movements and circuits for assistance work.

Quck Fat Loss - No More Boring Cardio
Stray away from boring cardio with high intensity training, steady state cardio, and hill sprinting.

Lose Fat While Building Muscle at the Same Time
Three quick tips that will show you how to get shredded and build muscle at the same time.

Quick Fat Loss - Get Your Diet Right
Increase protein consumption, decrease carbs, and increase healthy fat intake for a healthy diet guaranteed to help you to get lean.

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How to Build Muscle - Squat

How to Load the Squat
You can load the squat with various implements according to your own strength levels. You also don't always have to use barbells, you can use sandbags, chains, bands, etc. - check out this cool article.

How to Place Your Hands for Squats
Hand placement is different for each person. They also create tension that carries over to your upper back which is key for squatting big weights

How to Perform Full Squats
These are also referred to as rock bottom squats and you've seen this style with Olympic weightlifters. These squats have more athletic potential carryover and require lots of flexibility.

How to Perform Powerlifting Squats
Also Known as low bar squats, these are often taken with a wider stance with a shorter range of motion. This article will quickly explain how to perform this lift efficiently and safely.

How to Fix Your Squat
Read this article for quick fixes to your squat which will help you perform your squat without injury and maximizing the amount of weight you can lift.

Correct Footwear for Squatting
Footwear is a highly overlooked component to the squat. Check this out to learn the right shoes to wear to maximize efficiency and stability in the squat.

Sample Squat Workout 1
Here is a general guideline of a structured squat workout that covers all elements of a good routine.

Sample Squat Workout 2
Follow this link to another sample workout. This workout utilizes yolk bar squats and supersets to mix things up and make your workout move quickly; making the most of your time in the gym.

How to Box Squat
Learn to how to stay tight, proper form, and get used to hitting depth with box squats. These prove to provide huge strength gains and few injuries if performed correctly.

What Gear to Use for Squatting
A quick and to the point article about what gear to use during the squat. Just because it's the most expensive gear, doesn't mean it's the best.

Squat Tips for Fixing Your Squat
Figure out what you are doing wrong with your squat and fix it to avoid injury and ensure training longevity.

Bad Squat Technique - The Knock-Kneed Squatter
If you have weak hips, you may be a knock-kneed squatter. Give this article a read to learn how to fix this problem before you do any serious damage.

Bad Squat Technique - The Hunch Back Squatter
The hunch back squatter (hips up, round back, head down), we've all seen this guy. Figure out how to perform the squat with correct form to avoid being that guy!

Bad Squat Technique - The Knees Forward Squatter
Check out these tips to prevent the knees from coming forward on the squat and keeping your form in line every rep.

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How to Build Muscle - Deadlift

Types of Deadlifts
Here is a quick list of the different types of deadlifts, each offering its own unique benefit and carryover.

Benefits of the Deadlift
The indispensable benefits of deadlifts outlined in a well thought out list. Check this out to see why deadlifts are a key ingredient to a strong athlete.

Building the Deadlift
A detailed checklist of how to perform a perfect deadlift. Check out this step-by-step procedure to iron out any flaws in your form.

How to Fix your Deadlift
Missing your pulls at lockout? Missing off the floor? Knees kicking in? Learn how to fix these problems and watch your deadlift grow!

Grip Considerations for Deadlift
Stop letting that bar roll out of your hands during your pull. Learn how to improve your grip on the bar through a few simple suggestions.

Supplemental Lower Body Exercises
Use accessory work to target the muscles that you recruit during your pull. Take a look at this article to see good mornings demonstrated and learn how to use kettle bell swings in your routine.

Deadlifting 101 - How to Deadlift
Discover what is arguably best way to gain muscle for the whole body. The deadlift is at the top of the list for building strength and building muscle.

A Look Inside the Deadlift
An intricate breakdown of the deadlift. Learn the ins and outs in this article that takes a close look at this movement.

Deadlift Training Workouts
This article not only clarifies how to deadlift, but various ways to work it into your training routine and what to do to help build up your deadlift.

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How to Build Muscle - Bench

Learn to Bench Press Correctly
A very popular lift among gym rats, but often performed incorrectly. Watch this video to learn how to bench the right way.

How to Load the Bench Press
Think outside the box; try bench pressing with various implements, odd objects, or adding elastic bands or chains as resistance to your bench press.

Benefits of the Bench Press
The bench press is a highly efficient muscle building exercise with a great amount of upper body strength benefits.

How to Bench Press Conventionally
Check out these eight simple cues and tips to automatically give you a bigger bench press. Learn to bench the right way and your shoulders will love you.

Bench Press Considerations
Figure out what you are doing wrong with your bench press and learn how to fix it. Having trouble at lock out? Elbows flaring out? Weak off the chest? Here are your solutions.

Pain and Rehab for Bench Press
Many of us are hard headed and often train through pain. The best thing may be to swallow our pride and regress to fundamental movements and allow adequate recovery time and proper rehabilitation.

Push-ups Will Help Your Bench Press
Be sure not to overlook the overall shoulder health benefits push-ups hold. Push-ups can also help with core stabilization and improve posture.

How to Warm Up Thoroughly for Bench Press
Before you lay on the bench, warm up the muscles that are responsible for engaging and stabilizing the movement.

How to Set Your Wrists for Benching
Your wrists take quite a beating when bench pressing. Take a look at how to wrap them up properly and protect them.

Bench Press Hand Position
Make sure you are exerting the maximum amount of pressing power with proper hand and wrist placement.

Pull the Bar Apart
The Correct Way to Bench Press
Read up on the importance of upper back tension by pulling the bar apart throughout the whole lift.

Supplemental Exercises for Bench Press - Floor Press
Build insane lockout power by supplementing floor press into your bench press routine.

Build Your Bench Press With Dips
See a spike in chest, shoulder, and tricep strength by incorporating dips into your upper body workout. When dips become too easy, progress by overloading the movement with a dumbell, medicine ball, or other object.

Rehab Shoulder Injuries With Face Pulls
Check out this video to see face pulls demonstrated. Face pulls are great for upper back development, shoulder rehab, and bettering your posture.

Stronger Triceps Equal Big Bench Press
Earn yourself a big bench and get big arms with this killer heavy tricep exercise.

Exercises That Help the Bench Press - Diesel Rows
Watch this video to see Diesel Rows performed. Diesel Rows hit the shoulders and upper back at multiple angles to promote shoulder health and strength.

How to Build Muscle - Sample Workout 1
Check out this well put together sample of a maximum effort upper body workout.

How to Build Muscle - Sample Workout 2
Here is an intense upper body workout utilizing "DoggCrapp," a method that isn't for the faint of heart, but promises results!

How to Build Muscle - Sample Workout 3
Another sample workout that covers the warm ups, the main workout, and a metabolic finisher.

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